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The artistic personality of Gerardo Di Salvatore is shown in compositions coming from his skill in handling plastic materials. This artist chooses for his creations common plastic bottles, he moulds them till turn them into installations of plants, lamps, chairs, flowers, ecc..; placing them in suitable environments, these creations become a visual communication craft. Di Salvatore creates shapes from his fantasy and the cover of the old object revives with a new meaning and a very loquacious message to who’s watching it. Each artist chooses his own communication craft to express his thoughts, the one chosen by Di Salvatore consists of simple material and his ability of showing them to the clients, a composition that shines as it was created with this use. The objects have a strong visual impact, it’s hard to note the semplicity of the material. His message consists of making new the objects with another shape and another use and transformated in clear messages about our life thanks to his artistic personality. In every things and in each person there ia a “transformation”, a real metamorfosy like the human life from the childhood to the old age…it’s hard to recognize the previous child. This should be each artist’s capacity and whose wants to leave a sign of his passage. They should be able to analyse our own way, try a new research made not just of an easy technique, but built in an existential context.


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